12 Fall Gel Nail Design Ideas


The fall season brings us cooler crisp air, caramel apples, and cozy cable-knit sweaters. While you transition your tastebuds and wardrobe to the fall season, try updating your manicure style as well. Complete your fall look in a flash with gel. Trust us, your nails will thank you.

Fall Gel Nail Ideas You’ll Love

Autumn gel nails are trending, and there are many styles to choose. These seasonal gel nail designs work well for short, medium, and long nail lengths. Any nail shape goes this season as well.

A gel is known for its ability to create more complex nail designs and update the minimalist style. It is used as a nail overlay to strengthen nails and sometimes to add nail length. Gel polish adds color and designs to the nails.

A variety of colors, crystals, and glitters are used to create these fall looks. Reach for your gel nail products because we are pretty sure you’ll want to try at least one of these trending autumn gel nail manis.

1. Rich Velvet Gel Nails

Velvet nails are rich and have a lush, velvety appearance. They look warm and fuzzy, perfect for fall! The velvet trend looks pristine in any color and works well as a velvet tip on a French manicure. 

For fall, choose dark green, champagne, or mauve velvet color. The velvety-textured look is achieved with cat eye gel polish, magnetic nail polish, or velvet nail polish. The glossy finish looks multi-faceted and super glam.

2. Twilight Ombre Gel Nails

Nothing transitions better from summer to fall than dark red and orange. Snag a gel polish in a crimson red and a pumpkin orange color to create this melted ombre style. 

Paint the top half of the nails in red gel polish and the lower half in orange gel polish. Use a latex makeup sponge to blend the two colors where they meet in the middle of the nails. 

Remember to cure your gel between polish coats and always use a gel base coat and top coat.

The transition from red to orange will leave your nails looking seasonally fire.

3. Polka Dot Gel Nails

Grab your dotting tool for this fun design! Add polka dots as a French tip placement or all over the nails for a festive manicure. 

To create the look, paint all nails in a lighter base color than you choose for your dots. Once the all-over color is cured, add the polka dots all over just one nail (try the ring finger polka) on each hand, or use dots for a French tip. Dots look sleek placed all over the nails as well. 

Seal it all in with a gel top coat in glossy or matte and cure one final time. This manicure adds a fun splash of color to a basic mani.

4. Matcha Green Gel Nails

Color your nails in a creamy matcha green, one of the more trendy shades available this fall.

This neutral green shade adds a pop of color without looking too bold.

For extra shine, add a dusting of gold foil flakes to a few of the nails. Top it off with a glossy top coat for a shiny finishing touch.

5. Shades of Gray Gel Nails

Gray is a color that just won’t stop being cool. Steel, ash, and rain clouds possess some of the most beautiful shades of this color. It’s no wonder why we’d want to wear it on our digits.

Choose your shade of this color and apply two or three thin, even coats of gel polish all over the nails. Cure dry between each coat and apply a matte gel top coat for a modern vibe or a glossy top coat for a chic finish.

Embellish the nails in randomly placed silver or black gems to add extra studded flare. Use 

V Diamond Gel and a nail art brush to assist in the rockstar crystal application.

6. Toasted Chestnut Gel Nails

Crackling fires and toasted chestnuts bring warm fall vibes all season long. Why not play up these same vibes on top of your nails?

Select a warm, neutral beige hue of gel polish and paint each nail in several thin gel coats. Cure between each layer of polish and top with a gel top coat.

Be creative by adding a frothy French tip in a milky white gel color, or design an ombre effect between the latte and cream colors on each nail.

7. Butterscotch Gel Nails

Sweet and dreamy, butterscotch is a fall ingredient included in many tempting fall recipes. The muted yellow-brown color adds a sophisticated yet fun pop of color to any nail shape.

Apply the gel base coat and polish onto the nails in thin layers. Cure the nails between each application, and top it off with a glossy gel top coat for a glassy finish.

Optional: Use a brown, black, or metallic gold gel polish to draw designs onto each nail after applying the butterscotch gel. The butterscotch color plays well with geometric designs and patterns. A few of these design ideas include swirls, lines, and zig-zag patterns.

8. Fall Foilage French Gel Nails

Utilize the colors of fall leaves to create a French manicure worth being obsessed over. Use burgundy, orange, dark green, and deep brown for the nail tip colors. Use a different color for each nail tip, or make them all the same. 

Ensure that you keep the gel polish base color nude or a lighter shade than the tips. Doing so will allow the nail tips to steal the show. This nail design is sure to turn heads this fall.

9. Terrazo Gel Nails

Transfer a popular home design trend onto your nails with a terrazzo nail print. Use different colors of gel polish to create speckles on the nails, forming a terrazzo pattern. Make it seasonally custom with neutrals, mauves, and blues.

A creamy white or nude nail base color will allow the terrazzo design to stand out.

10. Stars and Stripes Gel Nails

Striped patterns in alternating colors, plaids, and geometric lines are also trending this fall. Paint the nails in solid nude gel polish, cure, then top with alternate colored gel line pattern. Get creative and design each nail differently.

Stars also make a fun statement. Use a black gel polish for the base color on each nail. Then create stars in silver or gold metallic gel polish on one or all of the nails.  Nail art stickers also work well here.

11. Olive Cow Print Gel Nails

Leopard print, tortoiseshell, and cow prints are fall favorites this year. Drench your nails in milky white gel polish, then top with an olive green cow print pattern. Navy, black, and brown work well with cow patterns also.

Design tortoiseshell patterns on each nail using a brown gel base and top with black spots. The base of the nail also looks great in a brown jelly gel finish and opaque black topper.

12. Fall Matte Gel Nails

This matte style is simple. Use gel polish to paint every nail a different autumn color (think wine, brown, navy, gold, or green). Cure the nails to dry, then top them with a matte gel top coat. The matte finish will look ultra sleek with the fall nail colors. 

Optional: Add a subtle shine by sprinkling a sparkly nail glitter onto one fingernail on each hand.

Summing It Up

The fall season brings new styles, and nail trends are no exception. Having the perfect gel nail set during every season is a must.

Ditch the bright neon summer colors and tone it down a bit for fall. Shades of gray, olive, navy, creamy white, and metallic gold are perfect colors for fall nails.

V Beauty Pure has everything you need to create the perfect seasonal gel manicure. Our wide variety of products include gel polish, builder gel, one-step gel, gel base coats, gel top coats, nail forms, and much more.

A high-quality, beautiful gel nail set begins with a top-of-the-line product. You can trust V Beauty Pure to deliver this superior quality and much more.


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