Spice Up The Season With These Unique Winter Nail Designs


The weather gets cold, families gather for meals together, and we all prepare for a brand new year. Winter can be so exciting for many reasons, so why not add to the excitement with fun winter-themed nail designs? Here are some of the most unique nails for the upcoming season so that your clients can enjoy the best of the holiday season! 

Glossy Gray

If you’re looking for an understated neutral for the winter, then the color gray is perfect for you. This color goes great with warm coats and going out outfits. Make sure you get a nice, shiny gray for this look and add some sparkle for extra dazzle. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Square.

Red Glitter And Neutrals

If you’re looking for nails inspired by Christmas, yet not too jolly, then you should try red glitter nails with neutrals mixed in. This can make your look sophisticated instead of tacky. Try doing plain red on one nail, nude on the others, and then adding glitter where you desire it. 

 Style of nail this looks best on: Coffin.

Hanukkah Blue

This royal blue look is perfect for those looking for something outside of just the classic red and green. This mani reminds us of Hanukkah and the many traditions that go with it. Add a row of gemstones to each nail on top of the glossy or matte blue. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Round.

Emerald Metallic

This nail design is perfect for snuggling up and watching The Grinch or going to a fancy party. A matte base with shiny metallic green tips is the height of seasonal glam. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Stiletto.


Unless you live somewhere tropical, winter equals snow. Childhood memories of snowball fights and sledding make gorgeous white nails a perfect dose of nostalgia. You can add snowflake accents to your nude manicure for an intricate nail look. Add a different snowflake to just one or all of your nails.

Style of nail this looks best on: Almond.

Icy Blue Outline

If you want another simple idea for a winter nail design, then you should try outlined nails. Start with a baby blue color, and then add a very thin white outline along the perimeter of your nail bed. It gives your nails an almost cartoonish flare for a fun, playful look. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Oval.

Iridescent Chrome

Maybe you’re not a huge fan of glitter, but you still want to sparkle this season. Well, you’re in luck because chrome is all the rage right now. You can either fully cover your nails in silvery metallic shine or only do half of your nail, complemented by a nude coat on the opposite side. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Round.

Rose Gold French

We’ve mentioned french nails a few times here, but how can we not? They’re simply timeless. This fiery nail look will catch the eye of anyone you see and is sure to be a conversation starter. Start with a nude base for these nails, and then add gold sparkles on the tips in a half-moon shape. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Round or Oval.

Sheer and Sparkly

These nails add just a touch more glam than your everyday nude manicure. You can start off with a sheer matte base and then add silver, gold, or even both. Add some small dots and “X's for added texture. It’s like a nude galaxy!

Style of nail this looks best on: Oval.


Constellations are really interesting natural designs. Nails with constellation art can really express your individuality and style. You can start with a nude or light pink base and then add the constellations on top. If you really want to be unique, you can get the constellation of your zodiac sign! 

Style of nail this looks best on: Round.

Golden Glitter

This is for the people who love to be full glam, even at the supermarket. Having nails that are completely covered in gold glitter can really be your statement piece for any outfit. It’s just the right level of extra without being too much. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Square.

Matte Chocolate

Emulate your favorite sweet treats for the winter season with these nails. A stunning matte brown or the base, and little swirls of white for flair. It’s making us crave some hot cocoa!

Style of nail this looks best on: Almond.

Winter White Sparkle

Follow the North star with these nails that are perfect for any occasion you might attend. A simple white base goes amazing with star bedazzling. Add as few or as many as your heart desires for each nail. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Coffin.

Ruby Red

For people who are into a more classic style of winter nails, you can’t go wrong with ruby red. Your nails will remind people of Dorothy’s slippers and have you looking prettier than any tree decoration. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Oval.

Grayscale French

A twist on the classic and timeless french manicure, these gray nails are moody and fit right in with sweater weather. Start with a steel gray color for your base and then add white for the french tip part of the nail. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Almond.


Refresh your memories of Frosty because this is a nail design that’s sure to be fun and cute. You can start this look with a light blue base and then add a snowman design on your accent nail of choice. Don’t forget his eyes of coal or the corn cob pipe!

Style of nail this looks best on: Square.

Pastels And Gold

A gold and Tiffany blue color combo is classically winter. You can wear both of these colors for a stunning contrast nail look. Add the sparkly gold in a diagonal over the blue for a geometric effect. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Oval.

Frozen Ice Queen

This nail look is for the bold and daring looking to let go of boring nail designs. Combine lavender, blue and sparkly white to create an ice storm. Swirl them together in a chaotic fashion to get the full effect. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Squoval.

Purple Frostbite

Another icy, crisp inspired nail design that is perfect for winter. The dark to light gradient of purple really encompasses the season in such a cute way. You can even add some silver or gold sparkles at the top. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Almond.

Marble And Gold Leaf

Black and white marble is such a cool design in it of itself, but you can really spice it up with some gold flakes. These are such statement nails that you could rock any time of the year, but they work especially well for the holidays. You can use large gold sparkles on each nail that you want to really pop.

Style of nail this looks best on: Stiletto or Round.

Gradient Of Reds

If you’re not overly committed to the festivities of the season, then you should try this simple nail design. You start with the deepest color or red and end with the lightest one. It’s a subtle winter look that keeps with the theme without being too flashy. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Almond.

Studded Denim

Denim has made a huge comeback from the ’90s. People are thrifting mom jeans, jackets, and even denim purses. Well, you can even get denim nails for this winter. Color your nails a dark blue, and then add golden dashed lines to look like stitching. You can also add golden studs for more of a fabric look. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Oval.

Snowy Trees

Winter means that the trees lose their leaves and become barren. They get covered in snow and become ethereal. You can replicate this very look on your nails using a silver base coat and then drawing matte black trees with little branches at the top. Finish off the look with little dots of white to get that snow-covered effect. You can add sparkles to this to make it even more magical. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Round.

In Summary

There are so many ways to express yourself each season through what you wear and how you style your hair; why not include your nails? After reading about all of these nail looks, you have no excuse to be boring this year. Have some fun! 






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