Principiante Gel de Construcción (in Spanish)

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      July 16th, 2023 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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      12033 Dewar Dr. Riverside, CA 92505

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About this course

Hello to all! Thank you for your interest in taking this class on construction gel. Join me in this class where you will learn how to handle construction gel without having bubbles. The construction gel gives us a completely crystalline finish and gives us better results when we encapsulate designs. It is very easy to handle compared to acrylic since it gives us time to accommodate it to our liking and then cure in a lamp. Do not miss this class that will be small to be able to give a lot of attention to each student.

You can save your place with a deposit of $200 which is not refundable or negotiable and the rest will be paid one week before the class by zelle or paypal. Please check your email for the instructions to pay the second payment

Cost includes:

•Valentino Kit 






12033 Dewar Dr. Riverside, CA 92505

(Home business)


  • disinfection procedure

  • nail anatomy

  • Knowledge of the product and chemistry 

  • Cuticle preparation with pusher, pliers and diamond bits

  • Nail shape and structure for strong nails

  • Practice in shapes and tips: stilleto, square, coffin, almond

  • Correct sealing for zero detachment

  • Application of basic construction gel without creating bubbles

  • Combined encapsulation technique

  • On-trend encapsulated designs with building gel

  • French with gel

  • Correct filing using E-file and manual file

  • How to charge your work

List of material to bring

  • Polishing Machine/e-file

  • Bits for polishing machine EXAMPLE: medium or fine carbide tip, 5 in 1 fine grain bit, mandrel bit and sanding bands Medium 150 or 180 grain

  • Construction Gel Brush (optional)

  • Small scissors to cut tips and shapes

  • pencil to take notes

  • Optional: apron, gloves, and protective mask

 Your kit includes: a construction gel cover, one step gel, builder gel, gel brush, V Tips, shapes, dehydrator, super bond, 100/180 file, non wipe top coat, short tips, cuticle pusher, daisies glitter, liner brush, gel polish, buffer

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